Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plotting for Pantsers Series 1-5

I haven't done a summary post in awhile. Traffic has picked up, and I've been reluctant to step on entries that were drawing crowds. Nonetheless, collections like the NaNoWriMo series, "Bigger" posts, Interviews and Guest Posts, Writing Prep, Rewriting, and more  have proven to popular and useful to people who are working on specific aspects of their writing productivity.

My most recent series was Plotting for Pantsers. Here's the complete list of entries. I hope you enjoy them.

Plotting for Pantsers - Can it be done?

Plotting for Pantsers 2 - Build your storytelling muscles

Plotting for Pantsers 3 - Characters to the rescue!

Plotting for Pantsers 4 - Reviving conflict

Plotting for Pantsers 5 - The confidence game

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