Friday, June 21, 2013

Every Other Friday - Denise Alicea

Here's what Denise Alicea says about herself:
Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Connecticut, I found that I was more interested in what went on in the past than in the future. This makes me a huge history buff. I’ve always enjoyed reading books starting from ancient history, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and, of course, romance. I also loved the arts, so my first love was once drawing and painting until I found a new medium that would inspire me to try something new.

What led me to write? I started to write poetry when I fifteen years old. This was all due to a family member sending me a poem that she had written, and it sparked a fire that has never gone out. I began to write my heart out, and went from writing poetry to my own stories. I love to write with a bit of everything from romance, humor, and, of course, adventure. Everything inspires me from art, people, and music.

I was published at fifteen years old in my own community and gained a few finalists nods for my poetry and stories alike online through various writing communities. When I am not writing, I am blogging at my personal blog or my shared blog at The Pen & Muse.

Tell me about what you're writing.
My newest short story is a time traveling romance named "Fireworks." After the death of her beloved grandfather, Sarah is left alone to take away his things when she finds an interesting picture of a friend of her grandfathers. Sarah’s never met the man of her dreams no matter what she has tried. One magical night will change everything, literally. What’s a girl from New York going to do with a man from the 1940′s?

What drove you to write "Fireworks"? Who did you write it for?
I'm a big fan of the early nineteen hundreds. I also wanted to try my turn at a new short story with time traveling aspect with romance. I'd done it before with my young adult short story, "Consoling Angel." I also was asked to do an short for Dark Castle Lords anthology and did it with great enthusiasm, as I did one for Christmas.

What were your biggest obstacles?
Writer's Block. Isn't it everyone's? I find it so hard to write on command, and, when I try to, it ends up becoming crap. So I try to go back to the things that inspire me whether it's me going for a walk, watching a movie, listening to music, or just reading.

What are your productivity tips?
Some of my favorite productivity tips are to always have a small pad and pen together. You never know when the inspiration is going to strike. Also if you have a smart device, whether it be an iPad or iPhone, use it to your advantage! Find apps and use the notepad on them to write when you get inspired. Most of them provide so many apps on the go. Some of my favorites include: Pages, Evernote, and Final Draft.  

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