Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Hidden Gems of How to Write Fast

In July, I presented the Hidden Gems of How to Write Fast. These were neglected entries from the previous weeks. A lot of people gave them a try, so here is a fresh set, offered for your consideration. I hope you find a tip here that helps you with your writing challenges.
The Disrupted Writer - Fast recovery  How to get back to work when life gets in the way.

Post Mortem for a Writing Project  The essential approach to learning what went wrong and what went right in a writing project – so you can be more productive next time.

The Eternal Now of Fiction Suggestions on how to make your work more immediate and engaging.

Writing Is Juggling  One reason it is hard to improve as a writer.

Collaboration Dos and Don'ts part 1  

Collaboration Dos and Don'ts part 2







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