Sunday, September 30, 2012

Refilling the Well with Ideas and Desire - 4+2 posts

Sometimes, you sit down to write and have nothing to say. Or you just avoid that uncomfortable situation by not sitting down at all. Here are a few posts on refilling the well so that the words come more easily.

I've also added two related posts for those who have been away from writing or who know what they want to work on, but need to reengage with the material. Enjoy!

The Curiosity of the Writer - Build, expand, and satisfy your need to know.
Escaping the Filter Bubble - Do you seek out diverse opinions? Or do you avoid people who disagree with you?
Developing Your Curiosity - Where do you get your ideas?
Curiouser and Curiouser - The curiosity work out program.

... and
Get Your Groove Back! - Back, after a long lay off from writing.
Picking Up the Thread - When you are driven out of the paradise of having words tumbling out one after another, there is a path back in.

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