Friday, July 19, 2013

EVERY Every Other Friday - Links to them all

I'm honored and privileged to have had so many writers agree to be interviewed on this blog over the past year. From bestselling authors to those getting their first taste of publication, they have been generous with their wisdom and insights. They represent a variety of genres including nonfiction, science fiction, romance, YA, fantasy, and even rap music.

Here are the 26 writers who participated in a year's worth of Every Other Friday:

Kristan Higgins
Doug Solter
Carter Phipps
TL Costa
Gerri Brousseau
RC Bonitz
Jennifer Fusco
Barry Crimmins
Marian Lanouette
Melanie R Meadors
Bob Zaslow (Mr. Z)
MH Mead
Casey Wyatt
Katy Lee
Stephanie Queen
PJ Sharon
Sara Humphreys
Tawny Weber
Dani Collins
Joy Smith
Kate George
Kourtney Heintz
Eileen Cook
Alex Benedict
Denise Alicea
Kara Ashley Dey

Thank you, one and all!

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